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What is a Cartoonist of Color?
Cartoonists of Color (CoC) is a play off of the acronym "PoC," which stands for "person of color." A PoC is anyone who identifies as non-white. On this list, you'll find comics creators of various ethnicities: African American, Korean Canadian, Indian Singaporian, Turkish American, Iranian British, Japanese American and so many more.

Why a Cartoonists of Color Database?
For visibility. For academia. For inspiration. For community building.

Why are so many fields N/A?
The N/A fields have not yet been researched/submitted. If you have information I can fill in the blanks with, please submit the info via this online form.

You've got my name/ethnicity/gender/etc. wrong!
I'm so sorry! All the information on this site was either crowd-sourced or found on the internet. I've single-handedly (okay, double-handedly) typed all of this information into a buttery spreadsheet, and then inserted it all into HTML pages, so I was bound to make some mistakes. Please don't be offended! But please do fill out this form in order to make corrections.

How can I submit additional info to this database?

To submit a creator, or to add information to an existing entry, fill out this form.

How can I correct erroneous items in the database?
If you find misspellings or other erroneous information, fill out this form.

Who are you and what are you getting out of this?
My name is MariNaomi and this site is a labor of love, in conjunction with the Queer Cartoonists database. If you want to read about the origins of the databases, here's an interview I did with Vice.

What can I do to help?
Plenty! If you find the database useful or inspiring, please spread the word. If you know of a PoC comic book creator that isn't listed here, or if you want to add information or make corrections to an existing entry, please fill out this form. For other questions or suggestions, feel free to send me an email. And if you have a bit to spare, please support our Patreon

Twitter | Facebook | Please support our Patreon

Visit the Queer Cartoonists Database

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